We invest in Media & Entertainment Startups...

Thanks to Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, YouTube, Vevo and BuzzFeed. there are lot of startups making the headlines changing the media and entertainment landscape as we know it. Our deep connections in this arena play well to our network of investors and advisors.


We invest in disruptive companies.

Disruptors emerge to meet an unmet need. Does your startup change the way the world views the Internet? Does it “spread the wealth” by encouraging disruption to the status quo? Whether you’re in the cannabis, fintech, social, marketing or on-demand space, we are seeking disruptors hell-bent on changing the world.


We invest in the Internet of Things.

In an ever-changing world of smart homes, self-driving cars and other “smart” applications of technology, the IOT industry was the fourth hottest industry in terms of growth in 2014. At Vibe we are always looking for great new IOT startups!

We bet on visionaries

and their bold ideas.

Vibe Capital invests in companies we feel will make a difference in our everyday lives. We back these companies with more than capital, but also with branding, design, development, and solid advice. Entrepreneurs love us, because we invest more than money. We become emotionally invested. These startups are not only our companies, they become our family.

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Steve Nolan
Managing Partner
Steve is the consummate serial entrepreneur and people connector. Prior to founding Binary Ventures, his third software company, Steve has created a computer gaming company, as well as an international publishing company, and the country’s largest virtual reality entertainment company and others. Steve’s love for startups encompasses his passions for creativity, technology and people.

Binary Ventures has been investing for years . . .

Our Track Record
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Binary Ventures is a digital agency that connects brands with consumers, inspiration with technology and goals with measurable results. In three years we have helped well over 50+ startups create, launch and grow their businesses.

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Our Current Portfolio

As Binary Ventures, we invested in 6 early stage startups

MD Interconnect

MD Interconnect

Hospital communication app for physicians, called RapidConnect



Using videos to create a better resume for candidates.



Now TripSavvy, a mobile app for rating your business trips, restaurants, hotels and airline flights.



Sold to Zomato in January, 2015



Helping students and parents connect, with rewards for school improvement.



A B2B application for controlling spend inside retail chains.

Vibe Capital Venture Capital
Vibe Capital is redefining venture capital.

We understand what it means to be a startup, to lay everything on the line in order to build successful companies. Some would say we even have the same DNA as our startups. We are the venture capital firm that invests in people like us–creative thinkers and outliers who question the status quo and disrupt industries. We never lose our focus on consumers, all the while building all we do upon our B2B foundation.

We call Charlotte home for many reasons.

First, Charlotte’s city streets are like a state park adorned with lots of well manicured lawns and trees. Second, we call downtown “uptown” and have a three way intersection known as Queens, Queens and Queens.  Third, pretty much no one living in Charlotte, other than our children, are actually from Charlotte.  We’re the home for NASCAR, Hornets, Carolina Panthers, US National Whitewater Center and Binary Ventures.

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